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Why the Name 
Birch Island Spa

I dedicate the name to my Grandmother, Margaret Goudie Parsons, who raised me and told me many Birch Island stories of her growing up years there. It was a happy time for her with many pleasant memories. Over the years she visited her beloved Birch Island walking the little paths and going to the Sandbar. No longer a community she introduced Birch Island to me in her memories.

When i returned home to live with my Husband Kai and our son Noah, we explored Birch Island via the amazing Boardwalk.

I saw tears of happiness trickle down her Face as she relished her childhood years once again.

She said to me,"Nicole, this is just the right therapy for me, it´s relaxing, like in a Spa."



Tue - Fri: 10am- 9pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 6pm ​


85 Hamilton River Road

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

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