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Eminence Body Scrub 

* Do not shave 24 hours prior to a body scrub or wrap.

Reveal smooth skin with our Eminence body scrub. We will buff and polish your skin to perfection with natural sugar and salt crystals that gently exfoliate while leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant. 



If cellulite bothers you, you’re not alone. Reduce the appearance of cellulite in less than 60 days with a Stone Crop Body Wrap.

Your body will be wrapped in a restorative and skin brightening enzyme wrap.  You’ll then be treated to a light massage with Stone Crop oil leaving your skin velvety smooth, soft and supple! The Stone Crop collection revitalizes sun-damaged skin, smooths and contours the skin, and promotes healing form head to toe.




Swedish Massage 30min for $49.99

Swedish Massage 60min for $89.99

Hot Stone Massage 30min for $69.99

Hot Stone Massage 60min for $114.99



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